Chlorosis Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Chlorosis is a serious condition affecting the leaves of trees and plants and results from the deprivation of chlorophyll, which is the chemical compound necessary for healthy leaves to maintain a rich green color. Chlorophyll enables the tree to absorb sunlight (a process known as photosynthesis) in order for the tree to supply the necessary nutrients and water throughout its vascular system and maintain its health and vitality. Without proper chlorophyll, the leaves of affected trees and plants begin losing their green color and can become yellow, exhibit green veins with yellowing around them or turn pale whitish-yellow in severe cases. Many trees in Arlington and the surrounding cities exhibit symptoms of chlorosis, and certified arborists are frequently addressing this problem in residential neighborhoods. Iron chlorosis is the most common form of chlorosis disease and results from soil having a high alkalinity level, which means the soil tests as having a PH level higher than 7.0. Oak trees, maples and many other popular tree varieties within the DFW metroplex are highly susceptible to iron chlorosis. Left untreated, chlorosis frequently leads to the eventual death of the affected tree. Contact a tree care specialist immediately when leaves begin losing their green color and receive a definitive diagnosis to ensure your valuable tree survives this destructive affliction. Chlorosis Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 Chlorosis Treatment diagnosing!


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Chlorosis Tree Disease

A tree evaluation report will be provided by the experienced plant pathologist and diagnostic procedures will involve the investigation of several factors. Early visible indications of chlorosis are the yellowing of the tree's leaves and in more advanced stages of the disease the tree will exhibit stunted growth, reduced new twig and foliage production, browning and premature loss of leaves and dead or broken twigs and branches. Laboratory testing of the soil will determine the alkalinity level and if the chlorosis is caused by iron deficiency. Chlorosis can result from other factors as well, such as other nutrient deficiencies, poor drainage within the habitat grounds and soil compaction from construction activities near the vicinity of the tree that contribute to poor root growth or have caused root injuries. Upon completion of the diagnosis report, a tree doctor will advise the necessary treatments required immediately and the best arborist in Arlington will customize the unique care and maintenance program required to ensure that chlorosis is prevented from reoccurring throughout the residential grounds.

Treatment Of Chlorosis Treatment

Trees that are dead or are exhibiting advanced stages of chlorosis must be eliminated from the premises by an experienced tree company and replaced with more resistant tree varieties. Regular maintenance and care by a tree service professional are essential in protecting and ensuring the tree's health and immune system. Core aeration and mulching, as well as applications by deep root fertilization and systemic deep root feeding applied by arbor care professional all, serve to protect and strengthen the tree's root structure. When iron deficiency is the cause for chlorosis, iron applications by an arborist that treats sick trees are necessary and iron may be applied by foliar spray, drip lines and various other means such as trunk injection. Monitored and scheduled watering and soil drenching ensure the tree will endure drought-like conditions without suffering stress. Beautiful, majestic trees are a prized investment and asset to your outdoor residential habitat. Ensure their health by entrusting their care to the best arborist in Arlington and know that chlorosis will not negatively affect their charm and appeal again! If you have on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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