My Trees Look Great And I Want To Make Sure They Stay That Way. What Can I Do To Protect Their Health?

Majestic trees are showpieces within your residential outdoor environment. Trees provide you with relaxing outdoor areas, cooling shade and greatly increase your property value. As trees grow larger, your property value continues to rise. The following are some of the things that homeowners can do to guard the health of your trees.

  • Entrust The Care Of Your Trees And Plants To An Experienced Tree Company: An experienced tree company has years of experience and extensive knowledge of tree and plant health care. ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and highly-trained tree experts adhere to the high standards of excellence that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. The best arborist in Arlington, Texas will see to it that your trees receive the care they need and that they will always remain healthy.
  • Enact An Ongoing Tree And Plant Health Care Maintenance Program: The arbor care professional will customize a continual maintenance plan that is designed exclusively for your outdoor grounds and your trees and plants. An ongoing tree care plan will eliminate you of the concern and responsibility of making certain your trees are in robust health. Entrusting the care of your trees and plants to an experienced tree company will provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your prized trees will always remain strong and healthy.
  • Avoid Unintentional Wounding: There is little that can damage trees more than construction projects within close vicinity, mowers, weed trimmers or shovels used for planting bedding plants. Many diseases and tree pests invade trees through wounds. Always have your outdoor construction projects and regular lawn and garden care directed and administered by a tree care specialist.
  • Regular Pruning: Tree foliage needs adequate sunlight and proper air circulation. Regularly-scheduled tree pruning by a professional tree pruning service will prevent overcrowded branches and ensure your trees receive the sunlight and air circulation they require.

Are There Treatments That Will Protect My Trees And Boost Their Health

  • Deep Root Fertilization: Most homeowners are not aware that topical lawn fertilizer is not adequate for trees, so you are not alone. With this important treatment, a highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients the tree requires directly into its root zone. The soil is also aerated from the injected oxygen and soil compaction is corrected. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% more resistant to disease and develop stronger root systems.
  • Tree Health Assessment: Frequently, a tree can appear healthy but actually be weak and vulnerable to disease. The ISA certified arborist will closely examine the tree, complete a tree evaluation report and determine what nutrients the tree requires to make certain it is in the best of health and not susceptible to disease or insect infestation.
  • Soil Aeration: Compacted soil prevents adequate water infiltration and oxygen from being supplied to the root zone of trees. Soil aeration administered by a tree care specialist corrects compacted soil and ensures that adequate oxygen is being supplied to your trees and plants.
  • Tree Growth Regulators: Tall and mature trees must have strong root structures to support their size. Tree growth regulators increase the root density of the tree, make the tree more resistant to disease and also enable the tree to easily adapt to temperature changes. This important treatment lasts five years after it is administered.