Aphids Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Aphids are tiny insect pests that are an exceptionally common residential outdoor habitat annoyance and are prevalent worldwide. Upon initial invasion they are somewhat non-threatening; however, if ignored they rapidly overtake the residence and become extremely destructive to both trees and plants. They are a continual nuisance throughout Arlington, Texas and the DFW metroplex and certified arborists are endlessly addressing the varying degrees of their destruction. There are over four thousand different species of aphids and their size and color vary depending upon their species. Typically, aphids are green and no larger than the dots on a ladybug, but they can become as large as nearly half an inch and sometimes are red, brown, yellow or black in color. Generally, when aphid infestation begins to manifest it is most often when the health of the tree or plant has been subjected to stressful conditions and is weakened. Although aphids have a short life span, they reproduce at a rapid rate, having many generations within one year. Due to their swift reproduction, it is exceptionally fast for them to overtake an outdoor living environment. When you first notice a tree is exhibiting signs of reduced health and vigor, contact a tree care specialist immediately! Aphids Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 Aphids Treatment diagnosing!


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Aphids Treatment Tree Disease

A tree evaluation report prepared by an experienced plant pathologist will be based-upon the confirmation of aphid presence on the property and the physical symptoms the tree in question is exhibiting. Aphids can completely engulf the buds, branches, an underside of leaves and foliage stems and are highly visible when their population has increased and they are clustered together. They extract the nutrients out of the foliage and leaves that are infested will yellow, wilt and begin dying and curling inward. These predators initially prefer to hide on the underside of leaves and are sometimes so tiny they often go unnoticed at a quick glance, so the certified arborist will closely inspect the leaves. As they feed, aphids produce a sticky substance known as honeydew and this gooey liquid will be present on new stem growth and within close range of their occupation and can develop into black mold on the tree's foliage. This honeydew then attracts ants who further aid in spreading the destruction by protecting the aphids and transporting them throughout the environment! Upon confirmed diagnosis, the best Arlington tree expert will develop and present a personalized treatment and on-going care plan to eliminate these destructive tiny pests and prevent them from reappearing.

Treatment Of Aphids Treatment

It is exceptionally urgent that treatment and pest elimination techniques be administered immediately and a maintenance program is enacted and directed by an arborist that treats sick trees! Severely infested and damaged trees must be professionally eliminated in order to prevent further infestation and also reduce the possibility of additional tree diseases from being spread throughout the outdoor habitat. Ladybugs are a natural killer of aphids and are an asset to the environment; therefore, the tree service will direct the proper insecticide applications needed to destroy the aphids and also protect the predators that feed upon them. The tree's health and vigor will be continually supported by regularly-scheduled deep root fertilization, systemic deep root feeding and the specific treatments necessary as recommended by the certified arborist. A one year warranty is included with all professionally-administered treatment applications. Tree pruning by a tree service will ensure that any infested limbs will be eliminated and prevent further aphid infestation. Ensure that your outdoor living environment remains beautiful and pest-free by contacting the best Arlington arborist today! If you have on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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