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Tree Disease Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Numerous insect pests and commonly-seen diseases can affect trees. Healthy trees are naturally able to combat diseases but unforeseen circumstances can weaken and subject the tree to stress. Accidental tree wounds from basic lawn care, inclement weather and construction projects all are stress-inducing for a tree and make the tree more susceptible to disease. Our professionals provide the necessary treatments to combat tree diseases as well as personalizing the proper maintenance regimen to protect your tree’s health. Contact us at Metroplex Arbor Care(817) 583-7689 when your tree is in need of disease treatment.

Common Diseases and Pests

There are early symptoms that trees reveal when they have been infested by insects or infected by a disease:

  • Has your tree lost its thick canopy?
  • Are its leaves prematurely dropping?
  • Does the tree have an overall sickly and weak appearance?

Many people find that their trees experience some of the following common tree problems:

    Aphids, webworms and spider mites overtake a tree and landscape rapidly.
    Red oak trees and numerous oak varieties are targeted by this destructive, quick-spreading fungal pathogen.
    This fungus spreads rapidly throughout the entire outdoor environment and covers leaves with white flour-like spots.
    Cottonwood borer, Emerald ash borer, and Clearwing moths all invade the core wood and cause serious damage to the tree.
    Standing water areas within the habitat grounds and excessive moisture may decay roots and endanger the tree.
    Numerous bacterial and fungal pathogens cause unsightly black spots and blotches on leaves.

Damages to the tree weaken the tree’s immunity and prevent the tree from being able to resist infectious diseases. Tree wounds are caused by numerous factors. Shovels can damage tree roots when planting accent plants around the tree’s baseline. Weed trimmers may cause abrasions to the tree’s bark. High winds, hail, and storms stress the tree. A wounded tree is susceptible to many destructive pathogens including:

    High winds and rainstorms disperse this lethal water mold pathogen that destroys oak trees quickly.
    This bacterial disease destroys leaves and causes them to appear dried, brittle and burned.
    Root systems are rotted by this fungal disease that thrives in moist soil due to inadequate soil drainage.
    This vascular pathogen halts the tree’s ability to supply nutrients throughout its system and often kills an elm tree in less than two months.
    Wind and rain spread this fungal pathogen rapidly, targeting Leyland cypress and other fir varieties.
    Unsightly brown blotches and spots or leaves result from invasion by this lethal fungal pathogen.
    Oozing foul-smelling liquid from tree wounds are caused by this bacterial pathogen.
    Destroying oak trees at an alarming rate, this deadly fungal disease targets trees that have been wounded or stressed.
    Young branch tips and leaves curl and turn black by this fungal pathogen that invades pit-centered fruit trees.

Many tree diseases can spread rapidly and often lead to the tree’s death so it is important to contact an arbor care professional as soon as you suspect your tree’s health is questionable. The faster that treatment is administered then the greater the chances of the tree’s recovery. Call Metroplex Arbor Care at(817) 583-7689 to schedule a diagnostic evaluation of your diseased tree. Our certified arborist will determine the required treatment and develop the essential plan to protect the tree’s vitality.

Tree Disease Prevention

Proactive measures to ensure the tree remains healthy is always the best means of protecting the tree from destructive diseases and unwanted pests. Deep root fertilization treatments administered by a tree care specialist ensure the tree receives proper nutrition and boosts the tree’s root system and vascular structure. Many factors can cause a tree to weaken and become stressed. The longer a tree is in an ailing state and is weak or wounded then the more vulnerable the tree becomes too serious diseases. Many tree diseases and insect pests not only spread rapidly throughout your residence but can quickly invade the entire neighborhood. There are many options available to protect your trees and ensure that they do not fall victim to quick-spreading diseases and pests.

Certified Tree Specialists

Our tree service professionals are ISA certified and have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and determine the immediate treatment necessary to restore the health back to your diseased tree. We customize the maintenance and care plan that will protect the health of your trees and landscape. Call Metroplex Arbor Care today at (817) 583-7689 and schedule a consultation with our tree care expert!