Proper Tree Mulching

The importance of knowing the correct way to properly mulch your trees is honestly a very important thing to know if not let a professional from Metroplex Arbor Care take care of you and keep you well informed on how to and also tell you what not to do. We as an entity take procedures seriously we don’t like giving out our services without knowing what we are doing but in our case, we are pretty experienced, best equipment and technology,  state certified arborist, and most of all, we will do it at an affordable cost for our lovely customers.

Metroplex Arbor Care takes mulching to a whole other step that is pretty unique from other tree service companies. We will do it correct and professional way, not like most landscapers or other arborists that may overload your mulching too much. Remember too mulching is bad for the health of the tree it can damage it more than help it if done incorrectly. It is in your intentions to get the right tree service company to do this properly that’s why Metroplex Arbor Care is the right tree service for you. A lot of you individuals that are the type of person to just go ahead and knock it out of the park. The following is the proper stepping process:

Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching can help your trees health.

Proper Stepping Process:

  • Identify one good trunk that needs mulching.
  • When you have trunk established that needs the maintenance then use your garden tools to clear all weeds, debris, and other around the circumference of the base of the tree.
  • Inspect the premises of the circumference of the tree to ensure you get all the weed roots pulled out and other.
  • Most of all, make sure not to put mulch next to a tree trunk. Avoid this at all costs although it seems it is the correct way but precisely not.
  • Don’t overload tree with mulch.

The Importance of Tree Mulching

It is highly important to know all these key steps to do this correctly because you don’t want to damage your trees as I said previously. Also, volcanic mulching is bad for the trees that are the equivalent of killing the tree its self but make sure NOT TO OVERLOAD THE MULCHING OR YOU WILL DAMAGE THE TREE MORE. You can tell if its volcanic if it looks like a volcano obviously but the matter is not to overkill the poor tree. Just keep the key steps in mind and never forget how to properly do it if not call a professional state-certified arborist here at Metroplex Arbor Care. Updated on December 11, 2018, at 2:39 PM by Metroplex Arbor Care.

Tree Mulching

Learn How To Properly Use Tree Mulch.
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