Pine Bark Beetles Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Pine bark beetles have invaded the eastern and northern Texas regions at an alarming rate, and their numbers are increasing in epidemic proportions! These beetles reproduce as many as nine generations annually, and they thrive during hot summer drought conditions just as the Fort Worth area has experienced for the past several years. A certified arborist is always on the look-out for indications of their activity. Although healthy pine trees above ten feet in height normally endure periods of high temperatures combined with little rainfall, they are also more apt to be attacked by these deadly fir predators when these climate conditions are present. Although there are thousands of species of beetles, five pine bark species are prevalent in Arlington and the surrounding cities. The primary culprit is the southern pine bark beetle, with its strongest counterparts being the pine engraver beetle and black turpentine beetle. Flying amongst the trees and inflicting damage, the pine engraver beetle and the black turpentine beetle target only weak, damaged trees. However, the southern pine bark beetle will invade even the strongest of pines and cause death to the tree rapidly if it has not been protected and properly maintained. An arbor care professional must be contacted immediately at the first suspicion that the pine is not in optimal health. For Pine Bark Beetles Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 for a free pine bark beetle diagnosing!

Pine Bark Beetles Treatment

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Diagnosing Pine Bark Beetles Tree Disease

Proper diagnosis from the best Arlington arborist is essential! It is easy for an experienced tree company to diagnose pine bark beetle infestation because the symptoms these dangerous beetles inflict upon pine trees are visibly obvious to a tree expert. Dust from puncture holes where the beetles first gained entry into the tree may appear to the homeowner as being simply fine dirt or dust particles. Tiny holes in the tree bark indicate the beetle's initial invasive entries. Premature shedding of needles, thinning foliage, needle discoloration ranging from reddish tones to dark brown and slimy sap spots on the outer bark are firm verification of pine bark beetle infestation. Residential construction activities which have occurred in the vicinity of mature pine trees must be evaluated, researched and analyzed for possible damage to the tree's root system. Due to the extreme and rapid damage, pine bark beetles are capable of inflicting, it is of the utmost importance to contact and enlist the expertise of a trained arbor care professional!

Treatment Of Pine Bark Beetles

Pine bark beetle infestation is one of the most serious pine trees menaces a homeowner may ever encounter in regards to their outdoor living environment. The best measure of defense is prevention! Ensure the beauty and majesty of your high-value stately pines by entrusting their maintenance and care to a certified arbor care professional. Maintaining a strong root system and preventing unnecessary damage to your pine is of the utmost importance in strengthening the tree's immune system and enabling the tree to ward against beetle attack. If construction activity has occurred in the direct vicinity of the tree then the fir may have suffered injury from compacted roots and proper drainage is required. The certified arborist may deem it necessary that deep root watering and fertilization methods be scheduled regularly if they discover this damage during their diagnostic process. If a tree is dead or has suffered too much damage to rescue from these tree villains then dead or dying trees must be carefully removed by a professional so as to eliminate a breeding source for pine bark beetles. The best Arlington arborist will evaluate your property, your trees, and plants and develop a personalized maintenance plan to ensure that you no longer have to worry about the threat of these deadly, destructive invaders! If you have pine bark beetles on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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