Emerald Ash Borers Treatment in Arlington, TX.

The United States was free of the absolute deadliest insect threat to ash trees until the introduction of emerald ash borers into North America in 2002. Emerald ash borers are believed to have entered the US from north-eastern Asia via shipping crates and have spread rampantly through firewood, ash wood products and wood chips used for landscaping purposes. This insect (Agrilus planipennis as it is known to experienced plant pathologists) has decimated approximately two million ash trees across the country and targets both healthy and weakened trees. Arlington and the surrounding cities have an abundance of lovely majestic ash trees, but unfortunately, have suffered the loss of many due to this lethal menace and tree experts are working continuously to halt its destruction. Albeit brilliant green in color and smaller in size than the diameter of a penny, their infestation will always ultimately result in the death of the ash tree if its invasion is not discovered immediately and aggressive actions are taken to halt its advancement. Early warning signs of emerald ash borer activity is a weakened, unhealthy semblance of the ash tree. It is of the utmost urgency that a certified arborist be contacted immediately if you observe your stately ash tree is lacking in its appearance! Emerald Ash Borers Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 Emerald Ash Borers Treatment diagnosing!


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Emerald Ash Borers Treatment Tree Disease

The diagnosis report will be expedited by an experienced tree company when emerald ash borers are the suspected culprit of the ash tree's decline. Because these deadly insects destroy the tree's ability to adequately disperse nutrients and water throughout its system to the leaves and branches, the tree will exhibit noticeable lessening of new growth, dead, wilted or loss of leaves, and D-shaped marks along its trunk where the insects have entered. Woodpeckers feed upon the larvae under the tree bark and there will be a noticeable increase in these birds on the property. An infected tree will develop cracks and splits along its branches due to its weakened health state. The emerald ash borers hide in crevices in the bark and when brittle bark is peeled away the inner tree wood will reveal tunnels where the larvae have traveled. Residential grounds will be examined for an obvious act of these lethal insect pests. Upon definite confirmation, the tree doctor will present a detailed tree evaluation report and treatment requirements and an on-going maintenance and care program will be developed by the best Arlington, Texas experienced tree company.

Treatment Of Emerald Ash Borers Treatment

Prompt removal and elimination of all severely infested and diseased trees, as well as old ash firewood and any dead tree remnants or leaves laying on the property grounds is exceptionally important and must be overseen by a tree removal service to ensure that all desired hosts occupied by emerald ash borers are removed from the residential environmental habitat. Insecticide applications must be scheduled and monitored by an arborist that treats sick trees and are best administered via trunk injections in order to avoid killing desired insects such as ladybugs that prey upon a variety of destructive pests. Tree trimming and tree pruning by a professional tree service aids in eliminating emerald ash borer larvae and maintaining the health of the ash tree. Fertilization techniques such as systemic deep root feeding and deep root fertilization overseen and directed by the best Arlington arborist help preserve and boost the tree's health and immune system. Ash trees are a beautiful presence within a residential area and must be properly maintained and protected from these lethal insects! If you have on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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