Oak Wilt Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Local Oak Wilt Arlington TX. Oak trees or some of the most beautiful trees and the most sought after in Texas. From business owners, residential, Municipalities plant oak trees because of their longevity and they’re Incredible canopy space. However, there is one tree disease that can absolutely keep oak trees sick and eventually caused them to die. The disease is called oak wilt and it normally affects two species, live oaks, and red oaks. However, all oaks can be infected by oak wilt but are highly unlikely. If you think your trees are in danger of oak wilt call a Certified arborist in Arlington, TX 817-583-7689 Oak Wilt Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for an Oak Wilt diagnosing!


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Diagnosing Texas Root Rot

Identifying oak wilt. Oak trees can contract oak wilt several different ways. On red oak trees which are the weaker of the two breeds and are more susceptible to the oak wilt fungal infections. Contraction can happen through the root system from one affected tree that is intertwined with another. In addition, another common way is through the sap eating beetle landing on a spored area. Contaminating itself with the oak wilt virus then flying off to a newly open protrusion on a non-infected tree. Any trimming or open wounds to the bark system of red oaks should be sprayed with black tar to seal newly wounded areas. This is especially vital during spring through fall. Inspecting your Arlington Texas trees for oak wilt is especially essential once a year by a trained Texas certified tree doctor.

Prevention and Treatment of Oak Wilt:

Oak Wilt Prevention

Keeping your trees vigorous year-round is vitally important not just for prevention but also for any other type of disease and to include tree pest insect infestation. When trees are not showing any signs of weakness this is the best time to introduce deep root fertilization to keep trees healthy and vigorous. This can be administered during the fall or winter with a slow release fertilizer. This will go a long way in saving your trees! Contracting a deep root injection feeding company in Arlington Texas is important and half the battle to beating oak wilt.

Treatment Of Oak Wilt

It depends on what stage the infection has spread and how much decline has occurred on the oak tree. For trees that are severely defoliated removal will be your best option. Including a deep trenching of 4 feet will be recommending it as well. This will keep the disease from spreading to good healthy trees. On trees that are good candidates for treatment with Alamo propiconazole or tebuconazole both work well if administered correctly through trunk injections can save the trees life. For quality oak wilt treatment in Arlington Texas contact us at 817-583-7689 For your free oak wilt evaluation. If you have Oak Wilt Disease on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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