Sudden Oak Death Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Sudden oak death is a lethal tree disease triggered by a water mold pathogen (Phytophthora ramorum) that is negatively impacting the oak population in the Fort Worth area and throughout the entire United States. Many homeowners are losing their high-value stately oak trees to this feared killer. Because sudden oak death (SOD) does not discern between forested areas or residential settings, its vast destruction is vividly devastating and has certified arborists on high alert. This notorious organism multiplies rapidly in cooler, moist soil and rainy conditions as is typified by early spring weather. Wind and rain accelerate its swift spread throughout private neighborhood outdoor living environments and public parks. The dreaded pathogen affects both trees and plants and has also made its entrance into home gardens via contaminated potting mix, nursery soil and infected potted plants. A Fort Worth arbor care professional is quick to recognize, expertly identify and provide diagnosis confirmation of this deadly menace. For Sudden Oak Death Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 for a free Sudden Oak Death diagnosing!

Sudden Oak Death Treatment

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Diagnosing Sudden Oak Death Tree Disease

As typified by many tree diseases, this dreaded killer aggresses toward and strikes trees and plants with a lowered immune system as well as ones that have suffered injuries as a result of natural climatic forces or from being subjected to excessive construction activities within its immediate surroundings. Confirming diagnosis is twofold and requires not only accurately identifying visible symptoms, but also laboratory testing of plant tissue and leaf samples by an experienced plant pathologist. Reduced and thinning foliage is an early indication of the deadly pathogen's occupation, as well as spotted leaves and broken small twigs and branches. As SOD infection progresses, it incites the manifestation of multiplying canker wounds and dark, dead areas of bark along the trunk and primary limbs. Once the tree has visibly apparent advanced symptoms of sudden oak death it is often too late to save it and its death will happen rapidly. When you first suspect that your prized oak tree might be succumbing to this deadly invader do not delay in contacting the best Fort Worth arborist!

Treatment Of Sudden Oak Death

Proactive measures are the most important initial steps required in preventing this dreadful disease from ever invading your outdoor living space. Adhering to a regularly scheduled maintenance program customized for you by a tree care professional is essential to maintaining the health and immune system of your prized tree. Professional removal and destruction of dead or severely infected trees and plants is mandatory in preventing sudden oak death from invading the remainder of your landscape. Deep root fertilization and vertical mulching techniques ensure the tree consistently has a robust root system. Trunk injections further support the integrity of the tree. Regulated pruning of damaged branches using sanitized tools by Fort Worth tree service experts is a necessity. Certified arborists throughout the United States have yet to find a cure for this terrifying pathogen; therefore, following a strict schedule of continued tree care is critical to the preservation of your outdoor living environment. Protect the beauty of your investment and schedule a consultation with a certified arborist today! If you have Sudden Oak Death on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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