Grape Phylloxera Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Without exception, the deadliest, most devastating threat to grape-vines worldwide is the microscopic insect phylloxera. Known by certified arborists as grape phylloxera and originally called Phylloxera Vastatrix in France, this insect is solely responsible for obliterating over 70% of all vineyards throughout Europe in the 1800s and rendering France at that time in a severely depressed economic state! This tiny aphid-like insect is exceptionally fond of the grape variety Vitis vinifera which is a popular variety throughout Europe and the Mediterranean region and has become the most favored grape in Texas vineyards as well as private residential gardens in the Arlington area and the surrounding cities. Experienced plant pathologists are on high alert for these yellowish-brown deadly insects which reproduce at a rapid pace during warm summer months and hide within infected soil targeting the root structure of the grape vines. Phylloxera siphon sap from the vine and leaves by first destroying the root system of the grape-vine and preventing the flow of essential nutrients within the plant. Their invasion is initially suspected because the vine will have an unhealthy appearance and will be noticeably waning in leaf and fruit production. As of yet, there is no known cure for the disease phylloxera inflict upon grapes; therefore, it is essential to immediately contact a tree care specialist if you observe your treasured grape vines are declining! Grape Phylloxera Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 Grape Phylloxera Treatment diagnosing!


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Grape Phylloxera Treatment Tree Disease

Diagnostic testing procedures will be hastened by the arbor care professional because the destruction caused by grape phylloxera cannot be reversed and must be halted as swiftly as possible in order to prevent further destruction of many individual grape vines. Infected soil spreads throughout the outdoor habitat via wind, rain, planting activity and simply by walking amongst the vines. Beginning visual indications are thinning of the vine and early shedding of leaves. The experienced plant pathologist will carefully inspect the grape leaves for galls, which are small round bumps that resemble little peas and are the protective shell coverings for the insect's eggs. Bark will be closely examined because phylloxera will sometimes endure the winter hidden underneath the vine's bark. Laboratory testing will be conducted by a certified arborist to examine root grafts for root deformities, dead areas and the presence of secondary fungal infections. The soil in the outdoor environment will be tested to check the severity of the phylloxera infestation within the habitat. Once invasion by phylloxera is confirmed by a tree doctor, a diagnosis report will be presented, along with the necessary actions required to both immediately reduce the phylloxera infestation and ensure proper care and protection for the vines.

Treatment Of Grape Phylloxera Treatment

The best form of treatment to battle phylloxera infestation is to ensure the ongoing health of the vines and prevent these dreaded lethal insects from ever invading the grape vines in the first place! Diseased or dead vines must be immediately removed from the outdoor environment and destroyed by the best arborist in Arlington, Texas who is exceptionally knowledgeable about the soil and vines within the DFW region. Natural predators such as ladybugs are welcomed throughout the habitat and feed upon phylloxera and are available from an experienced tree company. Insecticide applications which are carefully monitored by an arborist that treats sick trees may be useful to institute if the arbor care professional has determined that the infestation is not too advanced and that the insecticide will not harm natural desired insect predators. Disease-resistant varieties of Vitis Vinifera are available and the experienced tree company will aid you in selecting these varieties and replacing dead vines. Not only are grape vines beautiful when they are flourishing, but they provide delicious grapes to be enjoyed for many seasons. Ensure the health of your lovely vines and protect them from destruction by grape phylloxera by entrusting their care and on-going maintenance to the best arborist and tree service in Arlington! If you have on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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