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Beautiful, stately trees are the showpieces of your landscape! The best way to prevent diseases and insect pests from damaging your prized trees is to take proactive measures and protect their health.  Weak trees are targeted by insects and pathogens but strong, robust trees are resilient and ward off unwanted assailants.

How to Spot Signs of A Sick, Weak, or Dying Tree?

  • Check for Premature Leaf Loss.

    First signs of a compromised vascular system.
    Tree Losing Leaves

  • Discolored or Spotted Leaves?

    Nutrient deficiencies in xylem.

  • Fallen Broken Branches or Twigs?

  • Brittle and Peeling Bark

  • Hole and Dents on the Tree Trunk

  • Seeping Fluid

Why is Deep Root Fertilization better for my trees than other fertilizer applications?

  • Deep root feeding administers the nutrients directly to the tree’s root structure and ensures the tree receives the nutrition it requires. With topical fertilizer applications, the tree must compete with grass and other plant roots.
  • Deep root injections aerate the soil, providing oxygen. The injections reduce soil compaction which can restrict root growth.
  • Residential soil is frequently nutrient-deficient. Deep root fertilization provides the tree with adequate nutrition.
  • The tree’s longevity is increased because it will not be damaged by disease and insect pests.
  • Trees that receive deep root fertilization treatments are 95% less likely to fall victim to disease within one calendar year. 
What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Adequate nutrients are injected by pressure directly into the feeder root system. This maintains a strong root structure and optimum vitality for the tree.

Does Deep Root Fertilization come with a warranty?

Yes, a one year warranty is included with deep root fertilization treatments.