I’ve Noticed A Lot Of Insects Around My Trees. Can Tree Pests Harm My Trees?

Tree pests are extremely dangerous and can inflict serious damage to your trees. Left untreated, they can kill your trees and quickly overtake your entire outdoor grounds. Early treatment is of the utmost importance to combat and eliminates destructive tree pests. The best means of protecting your majestic trees from insect infestations is to entrust the care of your trees, plants and residential outdoor habitat to an experienced tree care company.

What Tree Pests Are Common In Arlington?

Unfortunately, Arlington and the surrounding cities have numerous tree pests that our ISA certified arborist and tree doctors are continuously encountering, treating and eliminating. Our arbor care specialists are highly-skilled in combating these destructive tree destroyers. Among the many tree pests that are prevalent throughout our area, the following are some of the tree pests that our tree experts frequently encounter:

  • Bag Worms: These deceptive insects create small cone-shaped encasements from bark and leaf remnants. They hide inside while they feast upon pine needles. Bag worms must be removed and destroyed by a professional tree service to prevent their continued reproduction and infestation.
  • Spider Mites: Early treatment is essential to prevent these tree pests from overtaking your entire outdoor grounds! Spider mites are microscopically small and leave bite marks on the top side of foliage while spinning fine webbing on the underside of leaves.
  • Wood Borers: These destructive insects will ultimately kill your tree if treatment is not administered. The larvae enter through the tree’s bark and then eat intricate, curving tunnels through the tree’s entire inner wood core.
  • Webworms: Unsightly white webbed bags strewn throughout the branches of your trees are spun by webworms. They hide inside the webbed bags to protect themselves from bird predators while the worms are feeding upon the foliage of your trees.
  • Aphids: Aphids reproduce at an alarming rate and can swiftly overtake your entire outdoor grounds. They cluster together on plant stems and leaves while they extract the nutrients from tree foliage and plants.
  • Emerald Ash Borers: Targeting only ash tree varieties, these jewel-tone beetles destroy the tree’s vascular system and prevent the infested tree from dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure. Premature defoliation and small holes in the tree’s bark indicate their presence. Left untreated, the infested tree will eventually die.

What Can I Do To Eliminate Tree Pests?

Guarding the health of your trees is the best way to prevent tree pests from ever infesting them! Contact the best arborist in Arlington, Texas and entrust the care of your prized trees and outdoor habitat to arbor care professional. ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and tree experts will see to it that the health of your trees is protected. A personalized continual tree and plant health maintenance program designed exclusively for you will eliminate the stress, high costs, and damage that tree pests can cause. If you observe destructive tree pests on your trees or property or even suspect your tree is sick, it is imperative to contact an experienced tree company immediately.